YMTC4 Uses

I am of course referring to this card. I will not make any decks for this until they release the finalized mana cost. I’m guessing it will be 3BB if they are going on the safe side, BBB if they want it to be awesome, or 3B if in between.

Outside of simply using Hymn to Tourach a bunch this card has some combo potential. I like what the card can do when you force the opponent to discard their whole hand. I also like what it can do if you make them do that multiple times a turn.

Looping Wheel of Fortunes does this. This forces them to discard their hand, giving you bunches of black mana, 2/2s, and drawing extra cards on top of what you started with, hopefully giving you another Wheel of Fortune effect.

Wheel of Fortune is a tad expensive, and banned/restricted, so I will be using alternatives. Windfall is a decent replacement since combos require lots of blue mana anyway. Sunken Ruins, Gemstone Array, and Mycosynth Lattice can help with this, as can infinite mana combos (but then why would you need another combo to win if Exsanguinate and Increasing Confusion are already a viable options in these colors?).

Repeated Discard:

Mystic Retrieval is interesting if you are running red. Otherwise stick to good ol’ Snappy.

Snappy helps here too while other untapping effects can replace Cerulean Wisps.

Ways to Win:


You will be drawing many many cards looping Wheel effects. Jace’s Erasure makes sure they are losing their deck faster than you are while Psychic Spiral ensures you won’t mill yourself. Increasing confusion can burn off the excess mana generated by YMTC4 and can be cast from the graveyard, a place it will likely end up, at double efficiency.

If you want to put the zombies to use, Undead Alchemist is your friend.

Milling is the most directly related wincon to the wheel loop combo so it is probably the best. Nonetheless, there are other options:

Fireball Effects:

And anything with an X is its cost. This is less likely to work than the milling since this requires them to be running a fair number of creatures.


Doubling Season can replace Parallel Lives while Fires of Yavimaya, Urabrask, Anger, Sarkhan Vol, and probably many others can replace Fervor. Admittedly this turns the deck into a four-color deck, and thus less viable.
And yes, I am saying that YMTC4 combos with doubling season. It had to happen at some point on TSP.

Sacrificing the Zombies:
There are way too many options to list here, and they probably will relate to an earlier option anyway. For example, Ashnod’s Altar helps out the Fireball effect strategy while Fallen Angel is a beatdown strategy (although weaker than just using fervor).

YMTC4 undoubtedly has many other uses and I’ve probably only scratched the surface here. In the future I will create a decklist for it (most likely a UB mill deck). I am excited to see what formats will use this card, if any.

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5 Responses to YMTC4 Uses

  1. rzarecta12 says:

    Playing it with Windfall and Wheel effects is exactly what I was thinking. Have to wait and see on the CMC tho for sure.

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