Halimar Combo Mill


Have you ever wanted to play an Ally deck that was a wannabe elves deck? TO BAD! You get one anyway.

The basic idea of the deck is to get a Harabaz Druid and Sea Gate Loremaster out with either an Intruder Alarm or Thousand-Year Elixir, ideally with a Beck active. With Thousand-Year Elixir you will simply start by cloning the Druid and Loremaster until you draw an Intruder Alarm. With Intruder Alarm each new creature you play untaps the Druid and Loremaster, giving you more cards and more mana to cast said cards. The goal is to get as many Halimar Excavators out (clones or real ones) as possible and play many many allies, milling the opponent. The combo is not infinite, so it is far more satisfying when it actually works.

The deck is slow and the payoff isn’t assured, so this is more of a casual modern deck than anything else.

In the future I hope to find other fun Ally uses. Until then, au revoir!

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