BG Pestilence


Back when I started playing Magic my best friend made a big deal about a card called Pestilence. At the time I didn’t understand what the big deal was, but over time I learned you are supposed to make its effect unfair. Here is the method I actually bothered make in real life:

The deck also sports Vampire Nighthawks to get the lost life back and Fungus Slivers so that Rite of Passage isn’t required to draw.

Honestly the deck itself is pretty terrible, but is a good casual combo deck to play with casual players whose decks aren’t usually that good to begin with.

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4 Responses to BG Pestilence

  1. BW Pestilence was my very first Magic deck, back in Fourth Edition! I used creatures that had Protection From Black to survive the damage and keep Pestilence on the board, and Circle of Protection: Black to prevent the damage Pestilence did to me. I still have very fond memories of that deck, almost seventeen years ago…

    • Fourth Edition? Wow, what was it like back then? I started playing around Kamigawa (then got into the game seriously around Alara Reborn), so I only really know the current form of Magic.

      BW is probably better, since you get access to a bunch of pro-black stuff and Darkest Hour to effectively give your creatures Protection from Creatures as well.

      • The biggest difference is that the power level of creatures and spells was flipped. Creatures weren’t particularly good, and spells were more powerful.

        For example, when I was playing Juzam Djinn was considered the best creature in the format, so much so that there were calls to have him banned. He’s a 5/5 for four mana that does one point of damage to you during your upkeep.

        By comparison, Return to Ravnica just printed Deadbridge Goliath, a 5/5 for four mana with upside (scavenge). He isn’t played in any serious Constructed format deck.

      • I’ve heard lots about how that is because market research showed it is more fun to have creature combat than it is to go:
        spell? counter. uh, no more spells? cool, draw cards.
        and other such silliness. I personally like creatures a lot, so I’m in favor of the change. What about you?

        Don’t you mean BB? (I’m sure you heard that way to often at the time, given how the 2 is barely visible)

        Spoilers about new set. blocking this off in case this kind of thing bothers you

        Then Polukranos is coming out in Theros as a 5/5 for 2GG that has removal. In mono green!

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