Lady Evangela’s Janky Cleric Combo



While I have no real problem with combos in EDH I know some do. Today I hope the combo I am presenting is funny enough for even those people to enjoy.

This is deck that disguises itself as Cleric Tribal or Shadowborn Apostle until a very stupid combo takes place. I’m not going to lie, it is pretty terrible. That doesn’t stop it from being hilarious if it ever works.

With these four run a ton of tons of 1 drop Clerics, Clerics that cost BW, and 0-cost spells. If the combo successfully goes off every permanent your opponents control is either in their graveyard or hand at this point and you have a massive army of Clerics (and probably a Coat of Arms) to maul them to death with. Mana Severance helps make sure you have a much higher chance of actually drawing into bunches of Clerics in a single turn.

Note that Omnisicence is simply better than Edgewalker for this (it does not require you play white, does not make demands on 30+ card choices, and is all around really good in EDH), but Edgewalker makes for a more entertaining show for the other players to watch, and is all around just really funny.

Luckily for this combo Lady Evangela is in the colors of tutoring, card drawing, counterspelling, and time walk effects.

Note that Cyclonic Rift becomes absolutely backbreaking with Warped Devotion out.

Shadowborn Apostle:

The next (fairly large) section of the deck is a Shadowborn Apostle strategy. Shadownborn Apostle is a 1-drop cleric so it is cleric combo compatible and is a combo all on it’s own. This section of the deck sports a Thrumming Stone and various demons to grab. One important one is Rune-Scarred Demon since he can grab you combo pieces. Rotlung Reanimator (a cleric!) is also really nice with Shadowborn Apostle.

I may one day decide to build this glorious deck. It looks really fun to play, simply because if it ever works you will know the true meaning of living (not really).

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