Today I have a red combo deck that doesn’t involve blue. Instead, I am making an interesting goblin combo that will (probably never) win games.

The deck is based around one simple interaction:

Casting Boggart Birth Rite to return a second Boggart Birth Rite lets you turn one black mana into 2 damage. The rest of the deck is based around sacrificing goblins to let you have a target for your first BBR while tutoring goblins to get the three pieces you need.

The deck is a tad on the slow side, so I don’t actually expect this to win any real modern games. That said, if yo have a less than stellar meta for modern this could be funny to play once.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this viable, feel free to give suggestions. I would love to make this much better.


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4 Responses to Boggartsnipe

  1. rzarecta12 says:

    I really like the idea behind this deck, and want to figure out a way to make it more reliable. Off to the lab.

    • It makes me really happy that someone is taking this idea seriously! I look forward to your brew! Sadly this is my third attempt to make this idea viable. I hope you do better at it than I. I’m probably focusing too hard on the goblin theme *shrug*

      • rzarecta12 says:

        Here’s what I have been trying.
        Sadly, it hasn’t fared very well in testing, and feels like a worse version of storm. I cut the Harbingers because they always felt like the worst card in my hand, but without them there is no reliable way to combo off. Also, Lightning Bolt is so common in Modern that Guttersnipe doesn’t stay around very long.

  2. Nerdy Libby says:

    I play standard, but I also based a deck around guttersnipe. I had the same problem, too slow, and it was weak against tokens (adding Elecktrickery for it’s overload cost helped). If you’re trying to make red/black Altar’s Reap (again, standard) is great for drawing cards to be able to sacrifice them.

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