About Me


I am currently in my third year of college studying Computer Science and Mathematics. Though I still have no idea what I want to be “when I grow up”, though being a game designer would be pretty cool.

My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII. Nowadays I often play Minecraft, Guild Wars 2 and Pokemon. Most of my Minecrafting is improving my PvP map through adding classes, maps, refactoring redstone, etc.

If I were a magic card I would probably be red/white/blue. White because I value honor, honesty, law, government, and morality. Blue because I’m computer scientist and I use logic for everything. Red because I am emotional and a romantic. It would be fitting to say I was blue/red as a child and added white when I got older.

My Decks:

Multiplayer Commander:
Five-Color Cascade Progenitus
Dredge Karador
Group Hug Mill Phelddagrif
Krond, Lord of Kitties

French EDH:
Merieke the Seductress

Two-Headed Giant EDH:
Brothers Yamazaki – Artifice Brother
(Someone on Cockatrice gave me the idea of playing Brother’s Yamazaki in Two-Headed Giant EDH a while ago. I get no credit for this idea.)

Mono-Blue Mind Control
Searing Meditation
BG Pestilence

Budget GU Infect
BW Tokens

Budget UBR Affinity


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