Favorite Cards

Overall Favorite:

This is the most noble of Magic cards that I have found. There are noble creatures in the game such as Sanctum Guardian sure, but there you are the one ordering his death for your sake. You as the planeswalker are not very honorable when using Sanctum Guardian. A planeswalker using Blood of the Martyr is sacrificing his/herself for the benefit of others (his/her creatures). That is why it is my favorite card.

Favorite Creature

That art is amazing. I weep every time I think of the fact I don’t own one of these. What makes this better is that the card is actually a good card as well. It makes me sad when some cards get good art but are terrible cards. Gatherer doesn’t have this art available so I had to get the image from magiccards.info.

Favorite Planeswalker:

Why? Basically because it is the only playable Chandra. Stupid Jace being so much better at the same cost *grumble* *grumble*. Why can’t Chandra get some love?

Favorite Flavor Text:

Dat flavor text.


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